Thursday, December 20, 2007



NOTE: On Monday night I found two Christmas cards in my mailbox both with my name and address on them and both with Velma’s handwriting. I opened each. They were from Velma but, I assumed one of them was not meant for me.

VELMA: Hallo!

JUSTIN: Hi Velma, it’s Justin.

V: Hey there sweetheart. How are ya?

J: Great… Look I was calling because of your Christmas cards.

V: Oh did you get it?

J: I did and—

V: —I got yours. That pig is cute (my Christmas card had Olivia on it) and the note was very nice.

J: Thanks. As for yours, I got two from you.

V: Two? I didn’t send you two.

J: I’m not exactly sure if the other one was meant for me.

V: Wait a minute, did you get the card about the office and no one doing work.

J: Yeah, I got that one.

V: What did the other one say?

J: Something about unwrapping me under the Christmas tree.

V: Shit! Yeah that wasn’t meant for you. I wasn’t getting’ fresh with ya or anything. (She starts laughing)

J: Although I was flattered, I figured as much.

V: Well when you reach 91 sometimes your ducks get outta their rows.

J: Would you like me to send it back to you?

V: Nah, keep it. I’ll send another one off to the intended party.

J: I won’t ask who the intended party is.

V: Good, cause I ain’t tellin’. We gotta keep some things sacred right, kid?

J: As much as possible.

V: But you did get my note about the entry to your readers?

J: I did, and I’m working on it as we speak.

V: Cause you’re not done with ’31 yet are you?

J: No.

V: God bless your delicate constitution.

J: God bless all of us.

V: Right. Ok. Look if I don’t talk to you, have a merry merry and sorry about the mix up.

J: You too. Not a problem

V: Bye now.

So I’ve attached Velma’s cards with this posting for your viewing pleasure and the next entry will jump to December 12, 1931 as per Velma’s request. I will then go back to finish October and November. Enjoy.

Thanks to Courtney Zell for scanning the cards.

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