Monday, March 3, 2008



In order to make the whole experience on Friday with Velma more digestible, I have decided to break the entire entry down into parts. That way it won't be too overwhelming. So here we go.

Lunch with Velma was cancelled last week due to snow. I figured since the high this Friday was 31, we would postpone once again. So at a more reasonable hour this past Friday morning, I gave her a call.

“Hi Velma, it’s Justin.”

“Hey sweetheart, can’t wait to see you. One o’clock.”


“Of course. It’s gorgeous today.”

“It’s 29 degrees!”

“You truly are a delicate specimen. As long as it’s dry, I’m out there. It’s good to get fresh air every day.”

I sighed. I was still in my sweatpants thinking I had nowhere to go but back to sleep. “Okay, one o’clock.”

“Is Courtney coming?”

“I guess so. I’ll call her and tell her we’re on.”

“Good, I got my hair done yesterday in case she wants to sketch me.”

“I’ll let her know.”

“You know where the Peace Fountain is right?”

“Yeah, I’ve been there once or twice.”

“Of course you have. Why did I even ask? Okay, see ya there. Tuna sandwiches in hand.” There was an immediate click and then a dial tone.

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