Friday, April 25, 2008

A Letter from Mr. Nicholas Fish

Dear Readership:

My name is Nicholas Fish and I am Ms. Graydon's assistant. Reading over the blog in it's entirety, I am under the impression that you know very well who I am and no further explanation is needed. Mr. Rivers has done a fine job of making our correspondences part of this electronic display. In turn, since he insists that there are no secrets between his readers and ourselves, the gatekeepers of Ms. Graydon's information, he has allowed me access to this blog so that I can address you as to his whereabouts.

Mr. Rivers recited a liteny of reasons for his now, 38-day absense from the already slow moving blogging process. I shall attempt to reduce them down to a less rambling state: a hellish amount of work at his "day job," the preparation of a grant for a comic that he and Ms. Zell were working on (apparently it's about the history of coffee) and the preparations for a new blog containing the letters of Mrs. Edwina Tulip and her family back in England. He assures us that he will be back on the blog by next week. If not, he has given me full permission to blog in his absense.

The best to you all and on behalf of myself and Ms. Graydon, our sincerest apologies.

Nicholas Fish

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