Thursday, May 29, 2008

December 18, 1931

My final day at Barnard for the semester. The train leaves at 4 PM from Pennsylvania Station. Of course, I haven't even begun to pack nor think about how I'm going to get to the station; most likely by taxi.

All five of my finals are completed and Dr. Loockersmans has informed me that I have leave from my post until January 4. Although classes don't resume until the 14th of the new year, I've been invited to stay with the Cento family in Brooklyn until the dormitories re-open. I'm actually a little relieved to have the break cut short, since I already anticipate my boredom in Saratoga. Also the chance to stay with the Centos is one I would never pass-up. At the very least, I know I will be well-fed.

Both Sarah and Dottie loved their gifts. They conspired on mine, which Dottie said involved going home to Bay Ridge. Last night, Dottie lugged out this large package from under her bed and passed it over to me.

"Sarah wrapped it," she said. "Not bad for a Jew huh?"

Sarah turned and punched in the arm. "You're such a twit. Jews give gifts!"

"But they ain't under trees."

I knew it was a book when I held it. I unwrapped it and saw the title in gold embossed letters: THE HISTORY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK 1609-1906. My heart leapt.

"Ma called to tell me I still had it on my shelf at home. I guess I never returned it from the 4th grade. The catalogue card's still in there." Dottie's smile was huge. She was proud of that. "We knew you would blow your wig over it. And now you can stop asking me dumb questions about dead guys I did reports on."

I do love it. It's coming home with me over break and I am comitted to finishing it by time I return.

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