Wednesday, February 6, 2008

November 15, 1931


I could vividly feel the same blue feather that I was holding from my dream a few weeks prior. I was walking down a city street and came upon, what looked to be, a huge stone temple from ancient times. For some reason I was drawn into this place. When I entered it was completely dark. I had no sense of direction. I felt as though I was walking into a void and then the girl came. The one with the tattered bonnet, who gave me the feather. She grabbed my hand and we went tumbling through the dark.

I am recording this as I have just woken. The seeming reality of these dreams are beginning to frighten me. The image of this pale girl is disturbing. Not sure how to proceed.

I am off to Loockersmans's office this morning. Harold dropped a note in my campus letter box saying there is a delivery to be made.

Late Morning

Have returned from Loockersmans's with a thick, soft envelope to be delivered to a man named Harry Basset. He will be waiting for me at the construction site of 1 Wall Street. I am also supposed to receive something. By the feel of it, I would say I am carrying money to this man.

This does not sit well with me.

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