Tuesday, February 12, 2008

November 17, 1931

My 19th birthday today. I've been told there's a surprise outing planned by Sarah and Dottie. Strangely enough I heard it from Abby after one of our literature classes. I think she was intent on ruining the surprise, but I walked away before she could say anything more. Thus, I'm to know nothing about the location till I arrive.

A package arrived first thing this morning by post from Saratoga sent by mother and dad. In it was a new dress, blue, and a box of my favorite mint tea. There was a note of well-wishes from the whole family, which I found touching. Even Henry said he missed me around the house.

Not all that much to report about yesterday's delivery. I did take a cab down to the site of #1 Wall Street. The building is near completion and will be 50 storeys when completed. It is extremely modern, yet almost cathedral-like in appearance. It stands directly across the street from Trinity Church, which I did not take the time to walk into, unfortunately.

There was a fairly tall man in his, I would say, early 50's waiting for me in the entry-way. He said nothing to me. Only motioned for me to come closer to him. He displayed a small box wrapped in brown paper. I simply handed him the envelope of presumed money. He winked. I looked to the ground. He said simply, "Tell the Professor, there's more if he wants to take a look." His voice was deep and rough.

"I will," I said quietly among the sound of drills and hammers.

"You must be the new messenger?"

"I am." I said wanting to offer up nothing more.

"They are making quite a fuss over you." He looked me over in a way that made me very uncomfortable. "I can see why." He smiled.

I quickly placed the package in my satchel, "Good day," I said and ran to Broadway.

No matter now. I need to get ready for my surprise jaunt.

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